Tips for Selecting a Trustworthy Air Freight Forwarder

Tips for Selecting a Trustworthy Air Freight Forwarder

Who is a freight forwarder – Definition

“It is a company that receives and ships goods on behalf of other companies.” A freight forwarder is an organization which provides end to end logistics solutions which include arranging Multimodal Logistics and warehousing of shipments on behalf of their customers. The services entail customs brokerage at the origin and destination offices, export and import shipping documents preparation, airline, and shipping line freight contracts, priority space agreements with carriers, worldwide marine insurance for goods being transported under their combined transport document. The combined transport document (CTD) provided by the international freight forwarders and companies are called house bill of lading or house air waybill to transport goods from location to another.

The destination overseas office release delivery order, undertake freight de-stuffing, deconsolidation and warehousing services for assisting consignee. International Freight Forwarding Companies provide trucking services for pickup and delivery.

The client chooses a trustworthy air freight forwarder to address a number of complexities involved in the international transportation of goods.

  • Experience in export documentation and shipping requirements
  • Negotiation skills to secure the best freight from airlines.
  • Having a good relationship with all the major airlines.
  • An extensive network of offices.
  • An efficient team comprising of operations and customer service.
  • Experienced management.
  • Securing space with airlines in times of overbooking.
  • Have good relationships with local customs.
  • The company should have regular and consistent volumes of airfreight.
  • Should have I ATA certification.
  • Should have Airwaybill stock with major airlines.
  • Should have last mile transportation
  • Should have robust I T systems
  • Should have a standardized process which is certified for quality.
  • Qualified dangerous goods handler.

Manufacturer, trader, exporter, and importer look for a good freight forwarder who completes range of logistics solutions at competitive rates. Freight forwarding firm should be an integral part of supply chain solution and extension arm of logistics department of the organization being serviced by them.

In this world of instant information and updated technology, the most recent feature which gets maximum weightage from a customer is the Feature of Track and Trace of shipments. Tracking is a service which included with shipments handled by a good airfreight forwarder. Basic tracking allows you to search all of your shipment details and export them to excel. Advanced tracking with a customizable dashboard, featuring key statistics and graphs, track and sort through shipments, and view a calendar that shows when your shipments are arriving and all time stamps starting from pickup to delivery. This feature has brought in a great deal of reliability and transparency as real-time data is available on customer’s desktop or mobile.

A good airfreight freight forwarder is an automatic choice if the service provider has all the attributes stated in the qualified points and has a good brand image in the market.

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