Engaging in international trade brings up a host of concerns, regulations, and compliance questions. In the service parts supply chain, trade between parties across international lines results in the need for an Importer on Records / Exporter on Records.

An Importer on Record / Exporter on Record is used to describe the person who bears much of the responsibility for ensuring compliance with all applicable state, local, and Customs laws when importing goods.

Airsea will act as Importer on Record / Exporter on Record, apply for all required import permits and arrange brokerage, clearance and local delivery in the destination country. Airsea is a best Multimodal Logistics that will ensure perfect import compliance to guarantee smooth and efficient customs clearance every time.

What we do as IOR/EOR – Importer on Record/Exporter on Record

  • Do compliance assessment
  • Act as an importer for the customs and the taxation declaration needs at the time of the import.
  • Preparation of the reports to Customs, Tax and other state agencies.
  • Filing specific declarations with various government agencies upon importation or exportation.
  • Obtaining the license, the certifications or the authorizations to the export if needed for a commodity; in many cases, it happened before the exportation to the destination country location.
  • Be responsible for legal compliance and during the term of imports to the inventory registry.
  • During the minimum duration required by the customer and under local Law. Maintain the records
  • Facilitate payment for all import and export duties and taxes
  • Provide storage and warehousing service, if required by the customer.


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