Break Bulk Cargo Shipping with Bulk Carrier Shipping Companies

Why Choose Airsea for Break Bulk Services?

Break Bulk Cargo

Break Bulk Cargo transportation requires more third party handling than containerized cargo, and if you’re shipping your goods this method, you will have to make sure you’re working with a freight forwarding company you can be trusted upon. With over 30 years in the shipping industry and a history of handling challenging project cargo, Airsea Services has the expertise in the necessary to facilitate your cargo transportation.

We oversee the entire shipping process, from loading the cargo to delivering it directly to its final destination. Flatbed trucks or even barges are used to provide inland transportation. And no matter how complex your move, we’ll communicate with you throughout the Break Bulk Shipping process so that you always keep an eye on where your cargo is and how it’s being handled.

If you have the complicated or heavy equipment to transport, Airsea will rise to the challenge. Our Project Department employees have more than twenty-five years of experience handling project cargo but also maintain their reputation properly. We stay calm and easily handle pressure and have also deal with many high-value, transportation projects on tight deadlines.

Whether you need a turnkey services provider who will watch over your project from start to finish or a partner who will manage one challenging segment of your transportation project, Airsea can help.

Out of Gauge Shipping:

Airsea specializes in the Bulk Shipping and handling of oversized or irregularly shaped cargo. Our expert team has the experience and tools to transport your most challenging cargo, even when it’s  quiet large to fit in a standard shipping container’s length, width or height. Worrying about the safety and on-time delivery of your cargo will be the last thing on your mind with our out of gauge shipping solutions.

Heavy Lift Cargo Services

Heavy lift cargo includes oversized structures or equipment that can’t be broken down into smaller pieces. Airsea gives heavy lift services that are others can’t even think of moving. We have experience moving unusually large and heavy items across the world for multiple industries, including mining, power equipment, and heavy machinery. We have access to a reliable network of commercial transport equipment necessary to make difficult moves.

Shipments that exceeds the size requirements for special large volume cargo planes and even regular cargo aircraft and are required to move exceptionally large items. Large volume cargo aircraft include Antonovs and Boeing 747 cargo planes.

Break Bulk Services

Due to their large size or weight, some goods need to be loaded onto a cargo ship or aircraft individually rather than grouped in shipping containers. However, we can bring up with a worth and cost-effective Bulk Shipping method. We can guide you determine when this is a better choice than disassembling, packaging, and reassemble your cargo when it reaches its destination.

Break Bulk Shipping involves moving large cargo in smaller units, such as pallets, barrels, drums, boxes, or bags. It was the most common method of the mighty ocean to use freight transportation before the rise of large container ships. If you have break bulk cargo, let Airsea Services facilitate the move from beginning to end. With our years of experience and our professional network in the project cargo industry, we know how to transport your shipment safely and at the lowest possible cost to you.

Project Cargo & ODC

Airsea offers Project Cargo Services solutions which include planning, feasibility studies, conceptual design of transport projects, trade and traffic forecasts. ‘Out of the box’ thinking is required for the execution of these services in order to create and implement effective solutions.

Airsea offers Over-Dimension Cargo services as its core specialty service for Multimodal Logistics transportation by sea, air, and land and ranks among a very few of such specialized service providers. We play a key role in providing customs brokerage and transport of ODC cargos by road all over India. We specialize in providing customized solutions for the safe movement of Break Bulk Cargo and bulk cargo. We can arrange for over-dimensional cargo to move on flat racks or open-top containers. This is ideal for large equipment and machinery.

Why Airsea Services is used for your OOG Cargo?

  • Superior Tracking & Timing: 

    We always provide our clients with 24/7 access to tracking of their complex shipments so you always know where your cargo is.

  • Assistance with Documentation for Importing or Exporting: 

    If your complicated shipment starts to enter or exit the country, we can assist you with all the proper documentation to get the job completed.

  • Load & Unload Services: 

    We load in heavy items to and from trucks, planes and ships, making shipment and delivery of the bulkiest equipment a advantage for your company. We use cranes, hiab trucks and SPMT vehicles to get the job completed.

  • Experience: 

    Our team has an average of 25 years of experience per person. We know how to ship things that are difficult for others and we complete it on time and within your framed budget. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer service and our team is always within your reach when you are working with us.

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